During a not-snowy-enough winter in Aspen, Chef Adam Norwig and Jonathan Leichliter found themselves with drinks in Aspen, where many good ideas are found. Scribbling down the food they wanted to eat on square drink napkins, instead of what was possible, they mused opening a pop-up. Jonathan went back to his wife, KL, with the mischievously idea and the three of them began “cooking up” how to bring this idea to fruition.

With the help of some friends, the three opened up a place out of the backdoor kitchen alleyway entrance to the infamous Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Aspen, CO, and served mainly takeout late night street food at first, but soon added an in-kitchen Chef’s Table serving only 4 people at first.

Photo by Craig Turpin

Photo by Craig Turpin

Not realizing that it would become so popular so quickly, with 50 plus years experience between the two Chef’s, they were the talk of the town. And most of the people who loved the food most, were Texans. Offers rolled in to take this unique concept to many places, but they all felt Austin was the place for them.

Two trips later, they found the perfect location to offer their three levels of menu: takeout, sit-down lunch & dinner, and chef’s table that isn’t quite in the kitchen anymore, but they cut open a window for you to still be a part of the gang.

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